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Reeds - OEM Replacement:
Boyesen RAD Valve Assembly
Boyesen Super Stock Carbon Reeds
Boyesen Super Stock Fiber Reeds
Boyessen Pro Series Reeds
Fuel Line
Fuel Filter Clear
Seamless, one-piece, precision aluminum casting and continuous aeroform surfaces ensure maximum flow velocities and instant, explosive movement of air particles the moment you open the throttle
4-way aerodynamic directional dividers are integrated into the seamless inner chamber that distributes the angled charge evenly without flow loss
Each channel has its own unique Power Profile, scientifically shaped to produce instant, explosive movements of air
Each Rad Valve comes standard with Boyesen dual-stage, Pro Series Reeds that have the superior ability to time themselves to the needs of the engine
You get maximum flow velocity across the entire RPM range, and at all throttle settings
The Boyesen Rad Valve uses a low cost rubber carburetor intake boot that easily accepts larger diameter carburetor flanges
No more discontinued, expensive and dry rotted OEM carburetor intake boots to replace
Boyesen replacement boots including clamps are in stock for only $13.95 each
Includes Rad valve assembly, reeds, *carburetor boot, boot clamp and reed valve gasket
A true, bolt-on power boost
Made in the USA
* Certain carburetors require a different boot, contact us for more info
Carburetor Intake Flange Boot
High quality transparent polyurethane fuel line
Resists weathering, kinking, tearing, abrasion and impact
Contains no plasticizers that cause hardening
1/4" x 3' long
Available in blue or red
1 inch long, clear in-line fuel filter
Installs between fuel tank and carburetor
Designed to fit standard 1/4" fuel line
V-Force 3 Reed Valve Assembly
The VForce3 Reed Valve system is a true "bolt-on" performance modification
All new reed cage design widens peak power and increases the horsepower over the entire range of the powerband
Double the available reed tip surface over a conventional reed valve design enables the engine to get more air with less effort
Airfoil shaped (flat on bottom/curved on top) reed tip surfaces increase the velocity of the fuel/air mixture as it passes through and over, creating the optimum fuel atomization
Symmetrical carbon fiber reed petals for both the inner and outer reed petals now eliminates the need for different inner and outer reed petals
Custom air guides specific to each individual application ensure the maximum airflow and performance benefits
Patented snap together reed valve design that is completely screw free
Includes reed cage, reeds, and reed valve gasket
High quality replacement carburetor intake boot
Replaces discontinued OEM carburetor boot part # 16065-1163
Will accept the stock '87 Mikuni and larger carburetor sizes
Will not work with the stock '88 Keihin carburetor
Petcock Rebuild Kit
ORI top quality kit includes more parts than any other kit on the market
Includes OEM Kawasaki: packing, o-ring, tank seal & spring part #'s 43049-1017, 92055-1111, 92055-1348 & 92144-1212
Aftermarket zinc plated hardware included: (2) grade 8.8 mounting bolts, (2) lock washers, (2) standard washers, (4) pan head screws, (1) oval head fuel knob screw & (1) precision ball bearing
Replaces OEM part #s 187B0614, 92009-1123, 92002-1996 & 92140-1051
Rebuilds (1) petcock assembly
Intake & Fuel
V-Force 3 Replacement Reeds
Symmetrical reed petals
Advanced composite technology with an all new carbon fiber lay-up and resin system
Replacement reeds fit the V-Force 3 Reed valve only
Dual stage, high performance OEM replacement reeds
Incorporates a carbon fiber top reed coupled with a durable fiberglass/epoxy bottom reed
Offers a quick and accurate reaction to piston speed for smooth dependable throttle response
Fits stock reed cages only
Single stage, fiber OEM replacement reeds
Increases performance from start-up to full-throttle
Long lasting and costs less than other aftermarket reeds
Made to exact OEM specs
Fit stock reed cages only
Single stage, carbon OEM replacement reeds
Increases performance from start-up to full-throttle
Long lasting and costs less than other aftermarket reeds
Made to exact OEM specs
Fits stock reed cages only
Reed Cage Assemblies - Boyesen:
Boyesen RAD Valve Replacement Pro Series Reeds
Replacement dual stage Pro Series reeds for Boyesen RAD Valves
Includes petals, rev-plates and extra screws
Fits Boyesen RAD Valve only
Boyesen RAD Valve Replacement Fiber Reeds
Replacement dual stage fiber reeds for Boyesen RAD Valves
Includes fiber reed petals, rev-plates and extra screws
Fits Boyesen Rad Valve only
Reed Cage Assemblies - V-Force:
Fuel Accessories:
Carburetor Vent Line
Kawasaki tecate clear 1/8 inch polyurethane carburetor vent hose Kawasaki tecate red 1/8 inch polyurethane carburetor vent hose
High quality transparent polyurethane carburetor vent line
Resists weathering, kinking, tearing, abrasion and impact
Contains no plasticizers that cause hardening
1/8" x 5' long
Available in blue, red or clear
Kawasaki tecate red  inch polyurethane fuel line
Carburetor Accessories:
Carburetor Parts
Rebuild parts: jets, float bowl screws, o-rings, gaskets, etc. available for most carburetors
Genuine or aftermarket parts
Contact us for pricing and availability
Motor Side
Carb Side
Kawasaki tecate 1987 1988 carburetor rebuild mikuni keihin main jets pilot jets needles clips gaskets screws float bowls springs fuel 
valves needle valve and seat drain screws
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Kawasaki tecate boyesen rad valve intake boot and clamp kit rbk-1
Boyesen RAD Valve Replacement Boot / Clamp
Genuine Boyesen replacement parts
Includes (1) carb boot (2) hose clamps and (2) stickers
Fits the Boyesen Rad Valve ONLY
Gas / Fuel Cap
Genuine Kawasaki part # 51048-1133
OEM quality and fitment
Oem Kawasaki tecate gas fuel cap 51048-1133 51048-1090
Boyesen Power Reeds
Patented dual stage, fiberglass reeds
Increases air flow, air velocity and overall power
Fits stock reed cages only
Fuel Tank One-Way Valve
Wirtz one way check valve lets air flow into the tank and stops gas from flowing out
Anodized billet aluminum construction
Splices into the 3/16" gas tank vent hose
Available in blue or gold
Fuel Valve - Mikuni
Genuine Mikuni fuel valve (Needle valve and seat)
Replaces expensive OEM Kawasaki part #16030-1020
Fits stock 1987 round slide Mikuni carburetor only
Commonly worn causing flooding and fuel leakage from the carburetor drain line
Petcock Assembly
ORI complete replacement petcock assembly
Replaces discontinued OEM Kawasaki part #51023-1137
Petcock is functional without the knob unlike the OEM part
Requires a quick modification to the gas tank hole
Filter screens on both spigots
NOT made in China
Kawasaki Tecate 4
Lectron, Keihin & Mikuni Carburetors
Lectron Power Jet, Keihin PWK and Mikuni TMX carburetors are available in different sizes
Patented high performance carburetor technology
Increased velocity & enhanced fuel vaporization
Lectron carburetors feature easy jetting adjustments without removing the carb
Built to order specifically for your machine
Call for more information
Lectron Kawasaki Tecate racing carb carburetor ORI Boyesen Kawasaki Tecate 4 rad valve reed cage assembly kawasaki tecate 4 racing carb, tecate pwk carburetor, keihin racing carb
Kawasaki Tecate 4 racing carb, carburetor, mikuni, tmx racing carb
Air Filtration
Billet Parts
Chassis Bearings & Seals
Engine - Bottom End
Engine - Top End
Engine Bearings & Seals
Intake & Fuel
Tecate 4 Category Menu
Off-Road Innovation ORI petcock rebuild kit KL fuel valve packing o-ring gas tank seal 43049-1017 92055-1111 92055-1348 187B0614 92009-1123 
92002-1996 92140-1051 92144-1212 Free-Flow Flo Kawasaki Tecate carburetor vent hose kit green FFGN blue FF-BL off-road_innovation_1-26-13022009.jpg
Fuel Tank Vent Hose
Free Flow colored gas cap vent hose
Measures " I.D. x 18" long
Available in dark blue, blue, green or white
Carburetor Vent Line
Free-Flo high quality colored carburetor vent line kit
Includes 3 pre cut hoses
Fits most carburetors
Available in green or blue
Fuel Line - Rubber
High quality OEM style rubber fuel line
Uses a thicker outside wall but remains extremely flexible
1/4" x 3' long
Available in black only
All orders must be called in
or 1-845-238-5086
Kawasaki Tecate boyesen pro series reeds PRO-04 Off-Road Innovation replacement kawasaki tecate 4 fuel valve petcock kit 51023-1137 fuel lever Wirtz billet aluminum gas stop valve Kawasaki Tecate 4 VEN-BU blue gas tank one way valve Kawasaki tecate replacement carburetor intake boot 16065-1163 Kawasaki tecate carburetor holder intake 16065-1163 Off-Road Innovation replacement kxf250 Tecate 4 gas petcock 51023-1137 R Mikuni float valve Kawasaki kxf250 Tecate 4 16030-1020 R carburetor needle valve and seat fuel valve
Carburetor Slide Spring - ORI Stainless
ORI stainless steel replacement carburetor slide spring
Made from stainless 17-7 for increased strength and durability
Fits the KXT250 Tecate '84-'87, KXF250 Tecate 4 '87-'88, KX125 '85-'87 & KDX200 '85-'87
Works with factory OEM Mikuni round slide carbs only
Replaces discontinued OEM Part # 92081-1432 spring- throttle valve
Made in the USA

Spring throttle valve, carburetor slide spring kawasaki KXT250 tecate 3 KXF250 Tecate 4 KX125 KDX200 oem part 92081-1432